Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Time to..

Well i really need to get more organized.I wanted to finish off a few projects i had going and i did that ( 6 pairs sox, kisshug,vest and shawl all in the past couple of weeks. This not working thing is great for knitting!) Now i just need to get Kent's zine to lulu so it can be downloaded. And get my knitzine finished and posted up too. That means i have to make a decision about whether i have it only online or paper? If online as an adobe download or a webzine?
The camera is still not working for me. Later i'll grab Brian's and get pictures of Kent's mammoth socks and Brian's divorce socks and put them up here.
Still need to find some part time work somewhere. Problem is my knees are pretty bad right now so it can't be something standing all day.
I missed going to the Cowichan Fleece&Fiber Fest! :( Kent and Brian got called to work out in Sidney so needed the car. If i'd known before 7am Saturday i could've figured something out, but being a new job Kent couldn't really turn down the work. I'm hoping to find some other knitting events sooner or later.Probably will go to the Victoria Knitting Guild meeting this week. Never been before, i'll have to fight off my shyness to do it. No one ever believes i'm shy anyhow because i talk so much!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

thursday - pursed

I was hoping to get my camera communicating with my computer again...bleh. I finished two pairs of sox for Kent and a pair for Brian. Pictures later.
However here is a pic i took a couple of weeks ago. I koolaid dyed some old plain rug yarn. Then knitted it up to a purse-like flat shape. Made a long piece in garter stitch for the strap. Then i felted the whole thing. The strap rolled into itself which i took advantage of and sewed together. The colours stayed fairly true and over all i'm happy . Kind of a spring or summer looking bag tho. Why can't koolaid come in brown? :)

I've been writing up the pattern for the kisshug. Time to knit another one to check the instructions.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Finishing sox

It's a regular sock factory over here at chez Laurie. I finished the KissHug too. Should finish a warm fuzzy pair of work socks for Kent tomorrow -they are to be felted. Then i'll finish the toes on Brians Divorce socks. Yep. Divorce socks. Made for the amicably divorced.
Kent and i live with Brian in his house. It was a solution to the housing problem ( .5 percent vacancy rate in Victoria!). At first it was temporary but now we are thinking of staying right through the winter. Brian's tearing down this little house in the spring and building a new one. Silly as it is, i feel kinda sad for the house. It's been here 104 years. But structurally its not as sound as it could be.
At any rate it's worked out well and we all get along great. Little bit wierd at first but now it's fine. Brian even got Kent to work with him as a stonemason....so they go off and work together all day too. Who said life doesnt hold surprises? lol

Monday, October 17, 2005

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Friday, October 14, 2005

obligatory knitting for first post

Socks for a friend. Knit on 2 circs for Andrea in Austria. Haven't heard from her for a while but noticed she just had a photo/art show in Vienna.
In real life these socks are a bit less vivid.

Knitting of the day? Nearly finished my 'kisshug' a kind of shawl/wrap thing i'm knitting for another friend. I may try submitting the pattern to Knitty once i've knit it twice. Photo's tomorrow.
Canucks played like their own strong selves tonight and won over those *&^%^ guys from minnesota. :)
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